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At Alpha ENT provides a full spectrum of medical and surgical solutions for disorders of the head and neck, or more restrictively called diseases of the ear, nose and throat – supported by cutting-edge precision diagnostic techniques.

  • Tonsilectomysurgical removal of the tonsils
  • ADVANCED DENTAL CARE the maintenance of healthy teeth
  • MICRO EAR SURGERYsurgery is usually performed with an operating microscope.
  • ENDOSCOPIC SINUS SURGERY FESS is a surgical treatment of sinusitis
  • VIDEO LARYNGOSCOPYa form of indirect laryngoscopy
  • DIAGNOSTIC NASAL ENDOSCOPYEndoscopy is a minimally invasive, diagnostic medical procedure

24x7 Pharmacy

Medications being an integral part of therapy, the statutory regulations for scheduled drugs, quality, storage and administration are considered vital parameters for treatment.

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    8.00 - 16.00
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Complete Audio Vestibular Evaluation

Complete Audio Vestibular Evaluation for inner ear’s vestibular organs related problems .